Satsang Movement

What Does Satsang Mean?

Satsang means literally “The Community of the lovers of Existence”

Where Does This Community exists?

This Community exists wherever man hopes and dreams of as expanding life,

where people love their Life.

What Does Satsang Stand for?

Satsang stands for Being and Becoming.

What Does Being and Becoming mean?

Being means the entire being – physical, mental and spiritual. Becoming means the gradual, balanced evolution of these three. That is, better health, greater longevity, increasing memory, deeper perception: and a growing sensitivity of man’s relation with the Creator and a personal sense of responsibility for his Creation.

How Does Satsang Expect To Achieve This?

Satsang believes this can only be achieved by establishing a meaningful coordination between

oneself, the ideal and the environment.

What is The Basic Factor?

The prime factor in Satsang is the untottering adherence of the individual to the Ideal.

In the words of Sri Sri Thakur “Indomitable active urge to fulfill the Ideal Beloved is the fundamental nucleus of man building, nation building” Man is possessed by passions, which are necessary life force for evolution. For proper adjustments of passions it is necessary to engage them in active service of the Ideal. Active attachment to the Ideal helps initiating self-adjustment, family adjustment, adjustment with society & finally adjustment with the world as a whole.Therefore need for Ideal in life becomes most necessary.

Sri Sri Thakur Ankulchandra started Satsang movement at Deoghar, Bihar (now Jharkhand) in1964. Yajan, Yaajan, Ishtavrity, Swastayani, Sadachar indoctrinated by Sri Sri Thakur proved to be the most effective means of building up character & life in its entity. Sri Sri Thakur also asserts that without material progress no spiritual progress can be achieved. Everyman by bringing harmony into his own life will be able to have enough means to satisfy himself and society. So the philosophy of SATSANG is an integrated philosophy of Being & Becoming of the Self. Millions have taken on to Sri Sri Thakur as Ideal. Sri Sri Thakur’s philosophy is being propagated under the guidance of Param Pujya Acharyadev Sri Sri Dada through 2000 centres in India & abroad. First such centre in Andhra Pradesh has been set up in Hyderabad Known as “SATSANG VIHAR”

All aspirants searching solace may find their journey ending at

                  Sri Sri Thakur’s

                              Lotus feet.