Q1. What is the need of taking Initiation or Diksha?

A1. We know that we have been born with a tendency towards unification, i.e. an inherent attachment. We shall be shaped according to the object in which we place our attachment. “The water of Swati-star produces effect according to the receptacle.” “The being is full of regard, and a man is what his object of regard is.” (Gita) If we can wholly concentrate our love on the Ideal with unrepelling active adherence, we have nothing to worry about. Then Dharma, wealth, fulfillment of desire and liberation will be at our disposal. We shall find fulfillment by achieving all-round worldly and other- worldly welfare. In order to concentrate our entire love on the Ideal, we have to practice everyday some scientific processes. To learn these processes with all regardfulness is to be initiated. After initiation we have to observe these things daily with due adherence.
This will develop our love for the Ideal from day to day. In a word, our character will be tinged according to his characteristics.

Q2. Why Spiritual evolution in life?

A2. The main obstacle in the path of this transformation is selfish expectation. If we follow him with expectations, then fulfillment of expectations becomes primary to us and the Ideal becomes secondary. So we are moulded according to the objective of our life. So we should want him for his sake with unswerving adherence and love. To do the will of the Ideal, to fulfill his interest and to establish him should be the urge of our being. We may outwardly follow the Ideal, but if some other desire or passion dominates us, its
frustration may make us forsake the Ideal. Anyway, hypocrisy cannot lead us to the goal. Again if the love is inactive or indolent, it will not touch our character. We shall have to practice such thoughts, words, deeds and habits as spontaneously flow from love. Ideal centric thoughts, words, deeds and habits are called Jajan, Jaajan, Istavrity and Sadachar. But it is a message of great hope that whatever a man may be, if he observes Jajan, Jaajan, Istavrity and Sadachar regularly and ardently, adherence to Ideal grows in him gradually. It is an irrefutable scientific fact.

Q3. Why Hygiene?

A3. Originated from “Hygieia” the name of greek goddess, daughter of Sclepius, represent s mental health, healthy diet, cleanliness The effect of woefully low personal hygiene standard is reflected worldwide by various infectious diseases ,caused by virus and bacterium or parasite. Poor personal hygiene, including food , hand washing and toilet hygiene are the main factors to help the way of transmission( faecal-oral) ,of these diseases The Cost of poor Hygiene: In developing countries 2 million children die from Diarrhoea every year, Influenza kills 250,000-500, 000 worldwide each year According to the report of world health organization( WHO) 2002- Top infectious disease mortality rate includes mainly-lower respiratory diseases like pneumonia, AIDS, tropical diseases-malaria, dengu, childhood diseases like pertussis, diptheria ,measles, others like Tetanus, meningitis, syphilis, hepatitis b and many others, more than 100,000 people are died every year due to all these diseases. Many of them are water -borne, food borne, poor hygienIC habits help them to contaminate and some times to occur as epidemic. In USA 24-81 million people are suffering from food borne illness every year, Poor hygienic habit causes direct and cross contamination and influences carriers like shigella(letuce) ,salmonella( Poultry) ,Bacillus cereus(in rice), Vibrois(seafood) ,Listeria( diary Products),Claustrid ium(chicken) ……… ..As a result dysentery, cholera, jaundice, diarrhoea, gastroenteritis. …….Poor sanitation and toilet habits are main reason of faecal-contamination. More than 100 distinct types of microorganisms occur regularly in the normal faecal flora, there are an estimated 10,0000000000 bacteria/gram of faeces, among them most dangerous and wide spreaded is E.coli. Now every year some new pathogens are invented(AIDS, SARS)…. like Avin influenza, cyptospor idiosis(has affected more than 400,000 people in a single out break in US),Ebola virus(in Africa)…the medicines for these cases are not invented yet ! Antibiotics are not effective for all these new diseases. but good hygienic habits can resist them, sometimes may be the only prevention.

Q4. Why should I surrender to Sadguru or God?

Everyone in this world is in search of happiness. Ignorant of its source, we try to find it in materialistic comforts. We worship the idols, go to holy places, and seek seclusion in jungles in search of God. We are not successful, as God cannot be realized in worldly places or idols. God resides within us, and we must look within ourselves to find the path that leads to God. To find peace and happiness we must unite our soul with God. Only this union can make us happy. The method of uniting the soul with God can be learnt from the sadguru who is already united with God.

A Sadguru is personified God. Christ defined the Master as “The Word made Flesh”. A Sadguru, and SatNaam are the true means to unite the soul with God. In this physical world God comes to us in the form of a Perfect living Master.

If we have a keen desire to realize God, the Perfect Master comes to help us. The Master initiates us with Naam, tells us the method of meditation and our regular meditation practice leads us to our union with God. The drop becomes the ocean after merging into the ocean, Aatmaa becomes Param Aatmaa after its union with God.