In the late 19th century incarnated a no-ordinary being who promised upliftment… He was Anukul Chandra Chakravarty born in a hamlet called Himaitpur,Pabna now in Bangladesh and was later known as Sri Sri Thakur. He was born on 14th September 1888. His was a life of intense activited in material,social and spiritual realm. He lived a life that can be called more of public life than a life of individual attainment and glory.His ideas on religion, spirituality,educations,society,industry,agriculture,arts,commerce,marriage,conjugal life,eugenics,economics,politics,science and others have influenced many seekers and intellectuals.The sayings give a clear solution to the questions on the different problems of not only present day world but to ages to come. Sri Sri Thakur set up a Satsang Vihar, first at Pabna in Bangladesh,and then at Deoghar in India,for fostering spiritual development.The four ideals of Satsang are education,agriculture,industry, and good marriage.He also set up schools,charitable hospitals,engineering workshops, a publishing house, and a printing press. Satsang is today an active and dynamic center for spiritual growth designed by Sri Sri Thaku.












The Satsang Center at Hyderabad is set amidst lush green surroundings away from the hazardous glittering city. The soothing mountainous gardens that surround the upcoming sanctum sanctorum provide Himalayan relief from the poluted airs of the urban. The Meditation Cave adjacent to the temple is prominent for its legend about a sage having performed a penance.Very soon the cave shall be accessible to visitors.


a place for Spiritual Retreat