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Ideal Centric

Sri Sri Thakur’s Ideological Sketch Be Ideal Centric– Like all planets move on their orbit centering around the sun, the life of a person exists and continue to move on, based on a pull which remains outside his own self. […]

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Why Satsang

                     WHY SATSANG          Satsang is the company of the highest knowledge and Truth; the company of a Guru; contact with a person or an assembly of persons who listen to, […]

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Marriage Life

Marriage and Eugenics Eugenics is one of the most important areas on which Sri Sri Thakur has laid emphasis from the point of view of having a better society, more evolved human being and a peaceful conjugal life. Biological wealth […]

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Life History

Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra was born into Brahmin family of Sri Shiva Chandra Chakraborty and Srimati Monomohini Devi on 14 th September 1888 at Himayatpur of Pabna district, now in Bangladesh. He was regarded by his devotees as a Yug […]

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