Sri Sri Thakur’s Ideological Sketch

Be Ideal Centric– Like all planets move on their orbit centering around the sun, the life of a person exists and continue to move on, based on a pull which remains outside his own self. Sri Sri Thakur wants us to put a superior beloved at that place and tells us to make him the pivot of life. Life is in any way concentric by origin, and we have to only put an Ideal there.

Have a Progressive go to Life- By continuously reminding s about ours goal, Sri Sri Thakur has attempted to keep us alert about our goal and the desired path. In fact growth is a natural tendency of life. From the day man takes birth, he aspires to grow and this desire to grow has made it possible for man to scale the heights of evolution passing through generations.

Be Inquisitive and Acquisitive– Inquisitiveness in observation and inquisitiveness in service to others are the two qualities Sri Sri Thakur wanted us to Practice. Acquisitiveness in skill, knowledge, and experience is what Sri Sri Thakur wanted us to develop a habit for.

Know the Cause and Effect Relationship- Spiritualism is those thought and deeds, which make mind cause oriented, says Sri Sri Thakur. Most of our problems in life spring from our ignorance of the cause and effect relationship. If we knew what cause what, then things would have been very simple for us and we would have oriented ourselves accordingly.

Nourish your Body and Mind- No one would perhaps dispute the necessity of nourishing body and mind. More or less every one does take care of body and tries to keep mind peaceful. This is perhaps one of the basics of human conduct and living. The problem is with the complexity of the task and ability (or inability) of each person to take care of them. Sri Sri Thakur has provided the codes of health and hygiene including that of mental health.

Render Service to your Environment- Environmental Services is essential for the existence and growth of man, said Sri Sri Thakur very clearly. He urged his disciples to serve the environment and help the environment to upgrade. He himself has done it in a very splendid way during his lifetime. It is because of his service, sympathy, and sense of oneness towards other, people loved him so much.

Cohesion in community life through common Ideal- Sri Sri Thakur said the only way to bring about a cohesive society is to mobilize the members of the society around an Ideal. It is imperative that a society has to have a common ideal. That ideal should be such a person who fulfills each one as per distinctiveness. That person can guide and goad all the people on the path of progression without destroying their individual traits, liking and specialties.